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Research Assistant, Margarita

me: i would like to do an art installation

he: yes

me: i would like to plant trees to look like a galaxy from far away.

they: yes

me: i am thinking the trees here could represent life, and a commitment to non-violence; a tree, life, in honor of possibility, change for the  better. social justice, love all Beings.

they:  applause.

Mrs. 1:  my kids were so excited to see the tree grow, they planted it right away by themselves.

Senora 2:  my son told me, ‘ let’s take a tree, for brother’, he was killed by city violence.

Mujer 3:  ‘my son told me, let’s take a tree for papa’.  he was killed in a drive-by.


there are no strangers in his church.

this place, the city everyone insults and thinks they know, is the Land of Yes.

the Land of Cooperation, possibility, Family.

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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathe.”  Arundhati Roy

the world is always changing.  a flower moves so quickly, from tight fist to open bloom, tissue hand flower to hard, dry, seed.

the clouds shift, they never sit, not for a second.  you may wish to descibe one to a friend, ‘look! a dog wearing a beret!’, but by the time the words come from your mouth, the dog has turned into a thunderhead. even the sun, the one whose heat and size, unfathomable, when on the evening horizon, disappears quickly and easily, into the other side of the world.

‘now’ is gone.  the drum beat, saying ‘now, now, now’, as if it all we have.

every action has a consequence.  the earth tilts, the shores retreat, the waves engulf, there is no surprise.

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beauty community

everyone loves a family

this entire family came to get their tree together, you may see the ashes on their forehead, celebrating, remembering, where it all ends up, Ash Wednesday.
they are close, you can tell by the way they look at one another, move together, communicate with one another with their eyes. happy, to see them, and how they are.

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new friends

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persimmon tree home

hello lovelies, it is so nice to know you.

this yard, this family, live right next door to my old home.  some of the kids and the dads of these two homes were at work and school when this picture was taken, today.

this yard, separated from my own yard by a chain-link fence.

Benita’s son has been caring for the trees (persimmon and lemon, one for the front house, one for the garage house), and has taken the trees to heart.  the soil Beings he is drawn to care for, and i understand that feeling. it comes to us, freely and easily.  then the work comes.

in honor of his desire, thanks to the 99, i was able to purchase garden seeds and hand tools for him and others who are now eager to plant.

six more people want trees, mandarin, and orange.

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poor thing, someone did this to its corpse

everyone in the house is sick, headache, cough, or the stomach flu and you know what that means. i am the last one standing, but starting to feel poorly.  have many visits tomorrow, interviews and hole digging.  so look alive, i say.

weeded the garden, a small part of it.  thought about my trees that are not mine, anymore.  nor were they ever, to tell you the truth. we don’t own anything, we just borrow it for a while, take care of it, and  it/they live/s with us, until one of us dies or falls apart, or goes for a walk.

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