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“Vancouver’s century-old tulip tree could be saved after all from a developer’s chainsaw.”

By Carlito Pablo, May 21, 2011


overview:  western Canada’s oldest Tulip Tree, and an architect who want to cut it down.  developers seem to obliterate all living things for short-term personal financial gain.

enter the picture: the neighbors, who claim 40% ownership in the roots of the tree:  “I’m open to protecting the tree,” said Wong, who related that his family had owned 1225 Harwood Street since the 1960s.  He further stated: “My family loves this tree.”

and that is what it takes, Love, to make, keep, maintain.

TulipTree Vancouver 2011


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Maggie Maggie Maggie

my dear girl.  more people asking for trees, to plant, in their homes.  trees, now, family members, chosen for their sweet helpful fruit, commemorating those passed away, giving voice to health, faith, family, love.

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branch arm, water vein, Beings, these trees

valentines sweets, bitter leaf teas


we’re all for tolerance, vulnerability, confusion

perfume flower calm

penance, offering, suffering

tree tops for the birds

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