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so much to do, and so little ..


when my father passed, november 1, 2011, i found myself unable to get it together, to plant my trees, to visit my tree families.  so i sat around and caught pneumonia instead.

i had time to listen to the rats scurrying in the ceiling, to see the walls crumbling, to think that this house, old and out of place among the gringos and wealthy ones, my house, was going the way of my father, to the grave.

rose hills, where he went to lay, next to the body of my mother. green grass, human body sized flower arrangements meant for the dead.

good bye

good luck

the orange tree is full of fruit.


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old corn, now corn

hello old corn, so this is what you look like, fat, stout, short, strong, dark.  so familiar, like me, my mom, my sister, and all those relatives now floating in the sky looking like rain clouds.

thank you. love you. plant you. be you.

photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/quinet/93022898/sizes/l/in/photostream/

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